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Life Changes Lesson Preparation - Underage Drinking Focus (2018)
Grade 10 Development of Self in Society
Lesson Preparation Life Changes Lesson Preparation (2018) 22 page/s
Lesson Preparation Life Roles PowerPoint 7 page/s
Article Seven Ages of Man Article 1 page/s
Worksheet Life Roles Worksheet - Activity 1-5 5 page/s
Info Sheet Bill of Responsibility 1 page/s
Worksheet Puberty Crossword Puzzle 1 page/s
Worksheet Memo Puberty Crossword Puzzle Memo 1 page/s
PowerPoint Thinking about Changes PowerPoint 6 page/s
Worksheet Assertiveness Worksheet 1 page/s
Article Improving Assertiveness Article (Extra Info) 3 page/s
Worksheet Assertive Behaviour and Abstinence Worksheet 3 page/s
PowerPoint Abstinence and Assertiveness PowerPoint 7 page/s
Worksheet Practical Assertive Refusal Skills Worksheet (Extra) 2 page/s
Fact Sheet Alcohol & Risky Behaviour PowerPoint – SA Data 2 page/s
PowerPoint Alcohol and Risky Sexual Behaviour PowerPoint - USA Data 3 page/s
Worksheet Rape Myths Worksheet in SA 1 page/s
Worksheet Rape Myths Worksheet in UK 4 page/s
Worksheet Reduce your Risk of Sexual Assault Worksheet 3 page/s
Article Alcohol is by far the most dangerous date rape drug Article 3 page/s
Worksheet What to do straight after Rape Worksheet 1 page/s

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